Post-Project Optimization and Support

Utilization Assessment

Once the implementation of MES has been completed and responsibility has been handed to the client, many MES implementations stagnate and fail to deliver the insight into the production environment as Operations capabilities improve. Having an understanding of the Continuous Improvement process for operations, how the MES system supports the CI process over time is critical to the optimization of any manufacturing company.

Vokey Consulting can provide your company with recommendations of changes to the applications supporting the production environment, the end-to-end business processes that the applications are supporting and can highlight areas of utilization that are being missed in both. 

Data Object Review

Your MES collects data (megabytes of data) tracking all the transactions that the system is "made aware of". That data is then presented in some aspect of reporting to provide operational insight about production and the equipment being used.

The data that is being collected by your MES must be presented to accurately mimic the activity on the production floor. To report on production activity, the data within your MES must be summarized and aggregated in a manner that does not change the meaning or context of the information from an operational perspective.

Vokey Consulting can provide an assessment of the way data is collected and reported on to ensure that the system is providing relevant information that is accurate in both timing and in context for levels of operations from the production floor operator to the senior management levels. 

Program Life-Cycle Planning

As a manufacturing company grows (either through acquisition or organic growth), the demands on your MES will change. As operational initiatives are undertaken, it is critical that the applications supporting operations is ready to support these initiatives and changes.

Having Vokey Consulting as your MES program manager, we can ensure that you are aware of how the system can support those initiatives and when will changes to the system be needed.

Vokey Consulting  can also provide support to acquisition teams to ensure a safe transition from one company ownership to the another within the MES space.