Pre-Project Readiness and Initiation

Needs Assessment

An important first step for any MES project is to gain a clear understanding of the company’s operational and IT needs. This includes an assessment of operational processes, integration needs and IT infrastructure. Vokey Consulting has the knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive assessment of your operational and IT needs. We can also support the company’s analysis of project cost and ROI to help determine if the project will be financially viable. While all manufacturing companies can use an MES, it may not be a good investment for some companies. With Vokey Consulting, you can be assured that our recommendations will be based on the best interests of your company.       

Executive Support

To help the Executive Team gain an understanding of the MES implementation & support requirements and the benefits of implementation, after performing the needs assessment Vokey Consulting will provide an executive summary and review workshop of the assessment results, the recommended scope for the implementation and the support requirements. As well as an indicative estimate of the costs and benefits of implementing MES in your plant(s). Throughout the project, Vokey Consulting will support the Implementation Team in its reporting of project progress, issues and recommendations to help ensure accurate and appropriate information is provided to the Executive Team.   

 RFP Development and Support

Before sending out an RFP, you will need to have a clear understanding of the system and operational requirements of any MES to be implemented. Having the experience of both implementing MES as a consultant and supporting MES as a client, The consultants of Vokey Consulting can help guide you in the development of your RFP to ensure your needs are clearly defined and that appropriate project requirement details are included. This will allow implementation firms to respond with detail and within the RFP timeline. Following receipt of the proposals, Vokey Consulting can help you analyze the proposals and interview the proponents to help select the correct application and system integration firm for your project.

For companies planning to implement an MES project with internal resources, whether with off-the-shelf or in-house developed software, Vokey Consulting can help you develop the skills to accomplish your implementation and help establish the processes needed to properly manage the growth of your system.

Pre-Implementation Training Workshops

As part of the readiness process, Vokey Consulting can facilitate workshops with your Operations and IT teams to help them gain an understanding of what to expect from your MES implementation and how to achieve world class utilization of the system once implemented. Having the experience of supporting MES both as a client and as a service provider, Vokey Consulting can provide you with the knowledge upfront to best take advantage of the capabilities of the system to improve your operations.

Development of Project/System Requirements

Key to the success of the project, is the development of accurate and appropriate project & system requirements. Vokey Consulting can work with your Implementation Team and Operations staff to ensure the requirements of the project are fully defined and documented. This will help ensure there are no surprises to either team, making the project outcome more predictable.