Project Implementation and Support


It is critical to ensure that gaps in the system are clearly understood and articulated, and that the solutions being proposed fully cover the identified gaps. Vokey Consulting can lead your company through the review and documentation of your operations processes and integration requirements; then review and documentation of the system’s capabilities to support those needs. Through this review, we will identify the gaps in the system’s capabilities and recommend the conceptual solution design to fully cover the identified gaps.

Solution Design

The utilization of your MES system and the demands on that system will change over time. If it does not, you are not using your system properly. The initial implementation of an MES has a maximum lifespan of 2-3 years. Unless solutions are designed with change in mind, a poorly designed solution may lock you into that implementation making the cost of upgrading the system unreasonable.

Vokey Consulting will design your solutions to be scaleable and to grow with your system needs. Vokey Consulting has the experience of implementing and supporting MES over many years and understands how the demands on the system will change over time both from an operational and an IT perspective. The ability of the system to grow over time is crucial to ensure that the cost benefits of the system continue long after recovery of the initial costs of the implementation.

Project Management

Because of the close relationship between the MES application and the wide spread characteristics of the physical production floor, the management of an MES implementation is unlike any other implementation of an enterprise application. Project management must understand the transition of change within the production environment and the delivery of a stable software implementation to that production environment. Without the experience of change management in both parts of an MES implementation, the project has significant risk of hidden costs, hidden requirements and failure to deliver expected ROI.

At Vokey Consulting, we have the experience of managing both the implementation and the post implementation MES program as a whole. We understand that an implementation is more than just the software.